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Natural Treatment of Eczema, Psoriasis and Autoimmunity

Over the years I’ve seen many different conditions that are serious and potentially fatal if left untreated. The interesting part no one is concerned about treating a health challenge as much as the average eczema or psoriasis patient. The inconvenience, irritation and social implications all play a role creating a sense of urgency that can be counterproductive to properly getting to the root cause. Out of desperation people typically bounce around to different practitioners and treatments without really sticking it out to give any a fair trial to see if it works. This is of course understandable but it does get in the way of getting the job done. This article will talk about the process and time frame for best results.

When patients come in they are often on corticosteroids or some other form of suppressive therapy. These are great to get bad flare ups under control but it does change what our options for testing and treatment are. One of the most useful tests to do, if not on corticosteroids or immune suppressants, is food sensitivity testing. I generally prefer to test for IgG and IgA antibodies through a blood test. This will give us a snap shot of how irritating various foods are to your system. This is not an end all and be all test but a great foundation to get a good idea of how different foods affect you. When we find out most of the key triggers it is generally recommended that you avoid most of these foods for at least a few months if not longer while we work on the underlying cause for the food sensitivities in the first place.

The next step is to work on cleaning up and repairing the GI tract. Through Asyra, Functional Bio-Analysis and Acugraph testing we get an idea of what your weak links are (see Depending on what we find, digestive support, liver and hormonal support may be implemented to support the healing process. Testing is typically done every couple weeks to see what new layers present themselves to be worked on.

While nutrition, botanical, and detoxification is being done treatment that is vital to rebalancing of the nervous system is also implemented. Settling down stress responses via meditation, yoga and improving sleep at night is crucial. Nervous system imbalance leading to allergy tendency also needs to be addressed. NMT and TBM are implemented a couple times a week to desensitize to allergens over 6-8 weeks. Information about NMT can be found at It is a mind body therapy where the practitioner uses verbal questions and muscle response testing to get yes or no answers to increase mind body awareness of the “errors” that are underlying the cause of allergies. Through this communication with a patient’s subconscious nervous system and corrections through tapping the spine allergies are dramatically reduced over time. In fact, Dr Leslie Feinberg DC (founder of NMT) has a video on the NMT website demonstrating correction of anaphylactic allergy (peanut allergy type reaction) in only one visit.

This is perhaps a bigger process than most people assume. Many would ask for a natural skin cream but this is rarely effective by itself. Worse yet if the underlying cause has not been addressed other more serious conditions can emerge. It is very common for a child to have eczema treated improperly to later on manifest asthma so treating these layers will improve overall health not just treat your skin…

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Why Meditate?

The western world has made tremendous achievement over the last century. Today we enjoy a degree of abundance that no previous society has ever had.The emphasis of the material world has led to a world-view that leads to inevitable addictions, depression and a break down of community. Why Since the beginning of time it has been understood that the important things that lead to happiness are the immaterial. Love, joy, connection and spiritual experience are all internal.

In our culture we have continually looked externally for our source of contentment and joy. We’ve lost our connection to source and we continually project it onto further material needs and addictions. When we aren’t happy we either blame someone else or reach for the next novelty to please ourselves.

What if there were a way out of this trap? Is it possible to find contentment within and then from there manifest an abundant life that embodies sustainable values? Holy men from all philosophies would agree with a resounding YES! By learning to quiet the mind and embody compassion all things come to us. This is the value of meditation.

Over time the mind becomes quiet, peaceful and from this your natural state of joy begins to emerge. From there a new understanding of yourself and the world around you become patently obvious allowing you to better choose a path in alignment with who you really are. Many of us see the world through our past experiences and pain, not how it truly is. Meditation is a way of clearing these past filters allowing us to see the world clearly as if a window had been washed of all the dirt and grime preventing a clear view. Interestingly, many health problems are related to mind-body communication problems so as one’s mind becomes quiet many health concerns improve dramatically.

What kind of meditation should you do? There is quiet meditation, breath work and mantra meditation. I do all three and found all of them to be compatible and beneficial for me. I often advise people to listen to what seems to work for them but there are some options that I’ve found to be helpful for most people. Two websites that contain a vast resource of various meditation materials are and These are two trustworthy resources that I suggest you peruse to learn about the vast world of spiritual work. Dr Wright’s cleaning out technique from is highly recommended. It is a simple practice that brings profound results. For those who want to work on their subconscious a meditation called “Conscious Mind Cleansing” is available on the website.

When you start any meditation practice your mind will come up with all sorts of reasons to stop doing it. Try your best to be consistent for 3 months before you decide whether or not it is good for you. I guarantee if you do 15 minutes a day of Dr. Wrights cleaning out technique you will understand why I’m recommending this to you.

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​​Got Sleep?

Almost nothing is as rewarding as a refreshing nights sleep. As we age an insidious change creeps into our sleep patterns. We toss and turn a little more, wake more frequently and perhaps go to the bathroom several times a night. The fact is, something happens that drags down our ability to sleep deeply and restfully. Research indicates hormonal imbalance, stress and nutrition all play a role in diminishing sleep quality.

So how do we get a good nights sleep? First of all, practice proper sleep hygiene. Go to bed at the same time every night, limit watching tv or exercising too close to bedtime and try to sleep in complete darkness. These habits can improve overall sleep quality. It is also recommended that you do not have any wireless technologies or cell phones near you while you are trying to sleep because these can interfere with optimal electrical activity of the brain. Epsom salt baths before bed can also help to relax a person while being quite healthy as well.

Supplements that can interfere with sleep tend to be the stimulating type products. B vitamins generally should be taken earlier in the day for sensitive people and restriction of all caffeine containing products is a good idea.

Sometimes people wake frequently through the night because of blood sugar imbalance. In these cases it is a good idea to have a protein snack before bed like a small piece of meat or cheese. You can tell these people by the way they react to skipping meals. If you tend to feel agitated, sweaty or anxious after a few hours without eating it is likely that you would benefit from eating some protein before bed.

A racing mind from the day’s stress can wreak havoc on your sleep. This may be a sign of a heart meridian imbalance and is worth checking out through meridian testing but also there are ways to help quiet the mind. The method that I like best for a busy mind is called “Conscious Mind Cleansing” by Dr Mitchell Gibson MD. This audio track is a guided meditation with a collection of pitches and tones to help balance brain wave activity. Most people report an improved, restful sleep by doing this a few times a week. This can be downloaded or ordered at

There are various homeopathics, botanicals and supplements that can be beneficial to further enhance your sleep. To get an idea of what is best I prefer that we test you via Asyra, Acugraph and Functional BioAnalysis to find out what is best for you.

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The Importance of Exercise

People come in to my office with a variety of complaints.  Most of the time it is really due to too much stress and too little exercise.   Healthy people generally respond to treatment while sedentary individuals struggle to kick chronic aches and pains.  While I consider many of the techniques I use for treating pain to be state of the art there are limits to what can be achieved in an unhealthy patient.

There are several reasons for you to take control NOW and start exercising.  Exercise done properly corrects muscular imbalances that lead to poor biomechanics, a major underlying cause of why many chronic pains occur in the first place.   Management of blood sugar and metabolism is radically enhanced by activity.   I’ve found poor blood sugar metabolism to be behind many cases of allergies, anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems and arthritis.  While it is possible to be healthy without a regular exercise program I’ve found that it is a rare occurrence.

What kind of exercise?  There are many options but I suggest to you that some effort should be involved.  Yes there are studies showing that going for a brisk walk 3 times a week improves health outcomes but I consider that more of a testimonial for how badly out of shape most of us are.   Weight training, yoga or pilates with short bouts of cardiovascular exercise is ideal.

What exercises you choose should be based on your current fitness level and if possible, work with a personal trainer if you are new to an exercise program.


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What Does Your Body Want?

Consult any health book, website or health food store and you will be told take supplement x, y and z to fix your current health issue. Sometimes this approach can be helpful and sometimes not. The fact remains that supplements work best when you give your body what it NEEDS. Treating the cause is a primary objective in Naturopathic Medicine but often the true cause of any problem is quite tricky to figure out.

There exists an innate intelligence to the body that we can tap into to help determine what the body needs. Just like putting on a comfortable shirt the body also knows what kind of supplements are “comfortable” within the body chemistry. It also reacts to things that are not comfortable as well. This allows us to expose the body to various stimuli to help gain clues as to what your body needs.

How do we do this?

There are three primary ways (aside from lab testing and physical exam) to determine how to best balance the body.

1) Acugraph testing-     This type of testing determines the present state of acupuncture meridian balance. The pattern that shows up in your meridian provides helpful information as to what kind of acupuncture protocol and herbal formulas best support your return to wellness.

2) Asyra-Asyra-       An electrodermal device that essentially measure stress responses in the body somewhat like a lie detector test. Vibrations of various homeopathic, herbal and nutritional remedies are introduced to the body and stress responses are measured. Remedies that provoke a relaxation response give us clues as to what kind of imbalances are present in your body and how to best address them.

3) Functional Bio-Analysis –      Functional Bio-Analysis “FBA” is a comprehensive system of nutritional analysis using muscle testing and acupuncture reflex points to determine nutritional needs. Muscles demonstrate changes in tone when the body is exposed to stressors. This biofeedback can be a great asset to finding out what the body wants at the time to address underlying causes of illness. Supplementation becomes much more custom tailored to the patient allowing for much better results. For more info on FBA email me for a pdf copy of the book “Hope For Health” by Dr Scott Monk.

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​​​Why You Need Detoxification

Today’s world is much different that 100yrs ago. Industrial waste, medications, and pollution have all poisoned our water, food, air and soil. Everything we eat contains pesticides, medication residues and heavy metals. Since we don’t live in a “bubble” we are exposed to these toxins every day. Research has confirmed the carcinogenicity of many if not most of these chemicals so what are you doing about it? If you want to be well and prevent disease this needs to be priority in your life.

Dealing with toxicity is an approach that involves a few steps

1) Decrease exposure– as much as realistically possible-use natural alternatives for cleaners, cosmetics, soaps and toothpaste. Minimize drug use to only when absolutely necessary and at minimum effective dosage.
2) Diet-Eat less chemicals, avoid food intolerances/allergies, reduce sugar, avoid non organic and GMO foods.
3) Supplementation-The body metabolizes toxins using a variety of nutrients. Deficiency of amino acids, minerals or antioxidants can slow/imbalance the way the body detoxifies.
4) Drainage remedies– A variety of homeopathic remedies can be used to stimulate detoxification from various parts of the body. This really is an ongoing process as we are constantly being exposed.
5) Chelation– Some individuals have a high heavy metal burden that essentially shuts down the body’s ability to efficiently detox. In these cases a benefit can be derived from judicious use of chelation therapies.
6) Improve your digestion– many chemicals that your body is exposed to actually come from imbalanced gut bacteria producing chemicals. As your digestion improves the chemical exposure from the gut bacteria improves.

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Acute Back Pain 1st Aid Kit

Many of us have had the experience where we are doing something pretty harmless and the familiar “pop” happens and we’re flat on our back for several days.  I recently had this occur where I was merely putting skin cream on my daughter’s ear when this occurred.  Movement was impossible, standing about as likely as flying, so here I was being doted on by my 8 month pregnant spouse as I lay here incapacitated.  It is now Day 3 and I can finally stand and walk again, albeit short distances.  Had I not done several things I think this would have lasted much longer.   Here is a list of what I did to speed recovery and decrease pain while being stuck at home.

1)   Medications-as an ND I abhor using drugs long term but when you’re in severe acute pain judicious use can provide dramatic relief.  For me Robaxacet, is helpful but I use only half the daily dose recommended to ease up spasm and allow modest movement.

2)  Herbal medicines
a.Theracurmin-dose high-3 caps 2x/day to balance inflammation.
b.San Qi formula/Yunnan pai yao-3 caps 3x/day to improve circulation to damaged tissues and decrease swelling.
c.Vit C-3000mg/day to help connective tissue repair.
d.105 Heart formula (Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Pian)-traditional chinese sciatica formula-3 tablets 2x/day
3)  Homeopathics
a.Mag Phos 6X/12X tissue salt-5 tablets as needed- useful for spasm especially spasms better with heat.
b. Zeel tablets and Cream-homeopathic found to be as effective as NSAIDs for controlling inflammation with no harmful side effects.  Use every 30 minutes.
4)  Contrast Hydrotherapy
a.Alternate Hot water bottle and Ice packs, 3 minutes cold then hot water bottle for 10 minutes.  Do at least 3x/day over lower back region.  This will improve circulation and decrease swelling.

5)  Energy Work

I’m lucky to know some talented healers to lend a hand when I need help.  There are many methods of using intention to heal.  To get a better understanding of the science behind energy healing I recommend the book “Dreamhealer” by Adam.  The form of energy work that I do is called “NMT” but many other effective methods exist.

Thankfully, had many of these remedies in my cupboard, as I really didn’t expect to have a sudden episode of severe back pain.

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Tennis Elbow

Summer is here and we all start getting back into hobbies that we haven’t done in a while. Tennis and Golf commonly lead to elbow pain due to unaccustomed strain on the elbow joint. Common complaints involve pain with moving the elbow or picking things up.

Treatment of tendinitis (actually tendinosis) involves the use of heat, ice and inflammation management. Although sometimes effective, I’ve found that prolotherapy is a much more effective option to yield long lasting results. Prolotherapy is an injection of Dextrose, procaine and/or homeopathics into the tendon attachment to speed healing. A course of 6-10 treatments is usually recommended for stubborn or chronic cases but relatively new cases most often improve after a few treatments. Patients have also found that the addition of techniques such as Trigenics or Pain Neutralization greatly improve overall success of treatment.

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Are You In Pain From Past Injuries?

Pain from past injuries is most often caused by nervous system stress sustained from the injury.  These reflexes sustain spasm, pain, impaired circulation and also changes in overall mobility.  Treatments geared towards improving nervous system communication to your knees, elbows, shoulders, neck, back and ankles can yield seemingly miraculous results.

The longer you wait to treat your injuries the more likely you will experience degeneration into a much more serious problem.  Treat a little now…. or a lot later…

Why suffer any longer?

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How to raise a healthy child

1) Healthy, organic, non-gmo food. Minimize sugar and junk food as much as possible.
2) Exercise should be done daily
3) Vit D3-supplement daily to improve immune function. Shown to reduce ear infections by 50%!
4) Fish oil-Good fats are universally deficient in children’s diets leading to increased allergy, anxiety and ADD/ADHD frequency.
5) Probiotics-Good bacteria is a must as good health starts in the digestive tract.
6) Immune tonics-echinacea, astragalus, and other herbal extracts strengthen immunity and improve adaptivity to stress. Use regularly as prevention and also during cold/flu.
7) Use homeopathics instead of medications whenever possible. Most often minor colds/flus can be managed without resorting to antibiotics and Tylenol/Advil. In fact, unnecessary suppression of fevers leads to increased allergy, asthma and autoimmune disease in children. Minimize use to severe cases or when fever is high for hours (104F) under physicians guidance. Fever should rarely be suppressed at 100F-102F.
8) Get regular nervous system treatments. This helps improve mind/body communication to decrease allergy tendency and improve overall health.

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