Dear New Patient:

Thank you for choosing Rejuv-Innate Naturopathic Clinic Inc. as your health care provider.

What can you expect during your first visit:

Your first visit with Dr. Gallant is approximately 60 minutes in length and involves a review of the detailed intake questionnaire, full health history, and if necessary, may include a partial physical exam.

Subsequent visits vary from 20 minutes to 40 minutes in length and include Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T.).

Treatment plans are generally established and discussed during the second visit.

What to bring for your first visit:

Copies of any blood work or laboratory reports that are recent as of the last six months (or longer if appropriate) and any other pertinent documents.

 If possible, please bring medications or supplements that you are currently taking.

Please note that our office accepts payment by Debit, Visa, MasterCard or Cash.  Most extended health care providers cover naturopathic treatments.  Please check with your provider to determine the amount that is covered under your policy.


Rejuv-Innate Naturopathic Clinic Inc.