Medicine bottleStay Hydrated!  Water is easily the most vital nutrient your body needs. Poor hydration will lead to poor circulation, decreased wound repair and increased tendency to spasm. I recommend about a litre of pure water per 50 pounds of bodyweight per day.

Balance Your Blood Sugar! The vast majority of people have suboptimal blood sugar balance. Whenever blood sugar fluctuates it tends to increase blood levels of stress hormones. Elevated stress hormones slow down wound healing and increase perception of pain. Try to eat high quality protein and vegetables every 3 hours.

Avoid Unhealthy Foods! Unhealthy dietary choices increase the toxicity burden of the body while also encouraging inflammation and allergic activity. Fried food, sugar and/or a diet high in processed grains are a good idea to avoid.

Try Supplements! There exist an almost infinite variety of nutrients, herbs and nutra-ceuticals on the market that can benefit health and pain. The first step is to correct the most likely deficiencies that can compromise general health. A high quality multivitamin/multi-mineral and a good source of essential fatty acids is a great start. 

Take Epsom Salt Baths! Epsom salt baths relax muscle spasm and can also improve detoxification. Try this whenever you feel sore or tense.

Fix Your Ligaments! Ligaments are what hold your joints together. It is near impossible to be pain free when over-stretched ligaments from old injuries are present. I’ve found Prolotherapy to be an invaluable asset to treating most chronic pain.

Delete the Pain Reflexes!  Most people are unaware the role the nervous system plays with regard to pain, spasm and poor range of motion. I use a technique called “Pain Neutralization” to retrain reflexes to delete pain and improve range of motion of painful joints often instantly!

Align the Spine!  Segments in the neck and back need to move freely in the right way to allow for optimal motion, health and comfort. Spinal adjustments improve biomechanics, joint circulation, pain and overall wellbeing.

Meditate Your Stress Away!Chronic stress is a known contributor to disease and pain. Regular meditation has been shown to reduce pain, improve IQ and improve most known parameters of good health. A variety of great tools that can be used at and to learn meditation. 

Exercise!  Nothing is more destructive to the body than poor circulation. Consistent exercise strengthens muscles, bones and connective tissue and improves systemic blood flow. Pain can be due to muscular imbalances and poor flexibility that can be improved with a proper fitness regime. Professional guidance is helpful to gain insight as to what kind of exercise is best for you.