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Pain and Injury Treatments

back pain Pain is a signal from the body that something is not right with our physiology. Treatments to mask or “numb” the pain are often detrimental to health and do little to speed recovery for most pain sufferers. The naturopathic approach has many integrative therapies that speed healing and serves to correct the underlying cause of pain.

Pain Neutralization Technique

A gentle use of local reflex points to turn off painful regions. This system is highly useful to improve muscle tension and significantly reduce pain without the use of any aggressive or invasive procedures. Patients often report a substantial decrease in overall body pain in a handful of treatments.


An injection technique using dextrose and local anaesthetic to repair damaged, strained or stretched ligaments and tendons. Injection of damaged tissues helps to restore stability of unstable joints, often an underlying issue behind osteoarthritis, and chronic joint pain.

Neural Therapy

It is well documented that pain is often mediated through the brain and often unrelated to the region where pain is felt. Painful regions may not be damaged at all but dysfunctional reflexes to the region cause local pain, tenderness and spasm. Injections of local anaesthetic into scars or trigger points help to restore normal nervous communication to tissues.


The use of acupuncture is an ancient practice to restore overall meridian balance to restore optimal flow of “qi” through the acupuncture meridians. Modern medicine is now beginning to document the benefits of acupuncture with regard to accelerating the recovery process while also providing a safe alternative to pain killers.

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Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Medicine bottleStay Hydrated!  Water is easily the most vital nutrient your body needs. Poor hydration will lead to poor circulation, decreased wound repair and increased tendency to spasm. I recommend about a litre of pure water per 50 pounds of bodyweight per day.

Balance Your Blood Sugar! The vast majority of people have suboptimal blood sugar balance. Whenever blood sugar fluctuates it tends to increase blood levels of stress hormones. Elevated stress hormones slow down wound healing and increase perception of pain. Try to eat high quality protein and vegetables every 3 hours.

Avoid Unhealthy Foods! Unhealthy dietary choices increase the toxicity burden of the body while also encouraging inflammation and allergic activity. Fried food, sugar and/or a diet high in processed grains are a good idea to avoid.

Try Supplements! There exist an almost infinite variety of nutrients, herbs and nutra-ceuticals on the market that can benefit health and pain. The first step is to correct the most likely deficiencies that can compromise general health. A high quality multivitamin/multi-mineral and a good source of essential fatty acids is a great start. 

Take Epsom Salt Baths! Epsom salt baths relax muscle spasm and can also improve detoxification. Try this whenever you feel sore or tense.

Fix Your Ligaments! Ligaments are what hold your joints together. It is near impossible to be pain free when over-stretched ligaments from old injuries are present. I’ve found Prolotherapy to be an invaluable asset to treating most chronic pain.

Delete the Pain Reflexes!  Most people are unaware the role the nervous system plays with regard to pain, spasm and poor range of motion. I use a technique called “Pain Neutralization” to retrain reflexes to delete pain and improve range of motion of painful joints often instantly!

Align the Spine!  Segments in the neck and back need to move freely in the right way to allow for optimal motion, health and comfort. Spinal adjustments improve biomechanics, joint circulation, pain and overall wellbeing.

Meditate Your Stress Away!Chronic stress is a known contributor to disease and pain. Regular meditation has been shown to reduce pain, improve IQ and improve most known parameters of good health. A variety of great tools that can be used at and to learn meditation. 

Exercise!  Nothing is more destructive to the body than poor circulation. Consistent exercise strengthens muscles, bones and connective tissue and improves systemic blood flow. Pain can be due to muscular imbalances and poor flexibility that can be improved with a proper fitness regime. Professional guidance is helpful to gain insight as to what kind of exercise is best for you.

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Acute Back Pain 1st Aid Kit

Many of us have had the experience where we are doing something pretty harmless and the familiar “pop” happens and we’re flat on our back for several days.  I recently had this occur where I was merely putting skin cream on my daughter’s ear when this occurred.  Movement was impossible, standing about as likely as flying, so here I was being doted on by my 8 month pregnant spouse as I lay here incapacitated.  It is now Day 3 and I can finally stand and walk again, albeit short distances.  Had I not done several things I think this would have lasted much longer.   Here is a list of what I did to speed recovery and decrease pain while being stuck at home.

1)   Medications-as an ND I abhor using drugs long term but when you’re in severe acute pain judicious use can provide dramatic relief.  For me Robaxacet, is helpful but I use only half the daily dose recommended to ease up spasm and allow modest movement.

2)  Herbal medicines
a.Theracurmin-dose high-3 caps 2x/day to balance inflammation.
b.San Qi formula/Yunnan pai yao-3 caps 3x/day to improve circulation to damaged tissues and decrease swelling.
c.Vit C-3000mg/day to help connective tissue repair.
d.105 Heart formula (Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Pian)-traditional chinese sciatica formula-3 tablets 2x/day
3)  Homeopathics
a.Mag Phos 6X/12X tissue salt-5 tablets as needed- useful for spasm especially spasms better with heat.
b. Zeel tablets and Cream-homeopathic found to be as effective as NSAIDs for controlling inflammation with no harmful side effects.  Use every 30 minutes.
4)  Contrast Hydrotherapy
a.Alternate Hot water bottle and Ice packs, 3 minutes cold then hot water bottle for 10 minutes.  Do at least 3x/day over lower back region.  This will improve circulation and decrease swelling.

5)  Energy Work

I’m lucky to know some talented healers to lend a hand when I need help.  There are many methods of using intention to heal.  To get a better understanding of the science behind energy healing I recommend the book “Dreamhealer” by Adam.  The form of energy work that I do is called “NMT” but many other effective methods exist.

Thankfully, had many of these remedies in my cupboard, as I really didn’t expect to have a sudden episode of severe back pain.

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Are You In Pain From Past Injuries?

Pain from past injuries is most often caused by nervous system stress sustained from the injury.  These reflexes sustain spasm, pain, impaired circulation and also changes in overall mobility.  Treatments geared towards improving nervous system communication to your knees, elbows, shoulders, neck, back and ankles can yield seemingly miraculous results.

The longer you wait to treat your injuries the more likely you will experience degeneration into a much more serious problem.  Treat a little now…. or a lot later…

Why suffer any longer?

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