stethoscopeWhen a patient comes into my office with a health challenge, there are many  treatment approaches that can be helpful. The reality is that many symptoms are actually caused by several systems of the body not quite working optimally.

Considering that several systems need corrective care to resolve the health challenge, Naturopathic Physicians are faced with the dilemma of where to start treatment and how many imbalances should be treated at any one time. My approach is a little of both. I treat generally by making sure the diet is ideal for balanced blood sugar, the body is well hydrated and all the basic TBM reflexes are firing correctly. TBM information can be found here (

Once the general template is set, I then prioritize where to treat in a systematic fashion using electrodermal screening. Electrodermal screening involves testing the acupuncture meridians on the hands and feet to look for stress responses in the various systems of the body. While not diagnostic of disease, it provides valuable clues as to what systems are stressed, how much and what are likely causes behind the imbalance.   Treatment generally involves treating the MOST stressed system first with remedies that both nourish and detoxify that particular system. Remedies that neutralize the stress in that particular reading are chosen for treatment. This way treatment is customized to the patient. Testing is typically performed once a month to clear layers of stress in an order that can guide the body back to wellness. With this method, success is more likely to lead to long lasting results versus just treating symptoms that rarely lead to long-term success due to the fact that key underlying causes are not being addressed.

Generally, the approach is to consistently support mind-body communication while using supplements and drainage remedies to provide nutrition and detoxification. While taking system balancing supplements, other techniques such as TBM Acupuncture, Spinal manipulation and/or Pain Neutralization are performed to optimize mind body communication and to reduce stress and improve mind body regulation.

While the doctor plays a role in treatment, there are many things that a person can do to support their own healing:

  • Work with your Naturopathic Physician regarding supplementation of a variety of antioxidants and super foods.
  • Drink Water – 1 litre per 50 lbs of bodyweight a day if possible. 
  • Avoid junk food, reduce sugar and fried fats.
  • Eat a variety of whole foods and try to consume good quality protein several times per day.
  • Exercise-yoga, resistance training and pilates are highly recommended.