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Swing into Spring

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Spring time is just around the corner!! It is a time of new beginnings, and to restore your health. You may want to add some of the following foods to your next grocery list…

Collard Greens, Fennel, Fiddle Heads, Green onions, Kale,
Wild Mushrooms, Rhubarb, Swiss Chard, Salad Greens

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Why is my Energy Low?

Low energy is probably the most common complaint heard in a doctor’s office today.   There are many potential causes though some are much more common than others.Diet plays a role here with regard to nutrient deficiencies, food allergies and blood sugar imbalances.  When your diet is inadequate to provide your body what it needs it’s easy to see how your energy won’t be at its best.  Food allergies/sensitivities are another hidden culprit.  When you eat foods that you have reactions to you can manifest a variety of symptoms, low energy being one of them.  If you notice you have consistent low energy after lunchtime it is likely you have a food sensitivity contributing to your fatigue.   Not only is it important for you to eat healthy foods but also the combination of foods also matters.  Diets rich in simple carbohydrates and low in protein and good fats tend to encourage unstable blood sugar.  Whenever there is a blood sugar high (after a starchy/sugary meal) there also tends to be a low (hypoglycemia) leaving one with cravings for stimulants and sugar.

Adrenal fatigue is another common cause of fatigue.  The adrenal gland helps the body deal with stress by making adrenalin, cortisol and a variety of other hormones.  When a person is stressed regularly the adrenals can become “fatigued” compromising their ability to produce appropriate hormones to allow you to react to stress appropriately.  Why is your body stressed?  There are several ways you can manifest chronic stress responses including but not limited to emotional upsets, structural misalignment, chronic pain, constant overexposure to food allergies or toxins and poor sleep quality.

Toxic overload is almost never talked about with regard to fatigue.  It generally occurs because the average person is routinely exposed to over a 100,000 toxic agents from the environment each day!  Poor food choices, genetically modified food (GMO), cosmetics, artificial additives, pesticides all contribute to our daily burden of toxicity.  Energetic testing often can reveal ways to use drainage remedies to help reduce the toxic burden while changing lifestyle to limit exposure to common toxins can improve energy and health dramatically.

Once overall diet is improved the next step is to work on decreasing underlying causes of stress while also using various treatments to rebuild your energy reserves.  Treatment of injured areas (prolo/neural therapy), rebuilding tired adrenals (homeopathy, botanicals, nutrition), and improved detoxification (drainage, nutrition, botanicals) serve to restore energy and wellness.

Fatigue is often a symptom of a suboptimal lifestyle and an underlying imbalance.  Testing often helps to get a better idea of fundamental causes leading to better, healthier choices.  Treatment should be viewed as a lifetime process of healthy choices and treatments to improve balance and quality of life.

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Good fat…bad fat

A common misconception today is that fat is bad for you. Fats, like any other nutrient, are essential to life and optimal health. People do not generally associate fish oil with reduced arthritis pain, better concentration, decreased heart attack risk or better yet weight loss. Did you know that consumption of coconut oil has been found to improve thyroid function? Did you know that menstrual cramps can often be alleviated by a few months of primrose oil supplementation?

If fat has so many benefits why does fat get such a bad wrap? The reason is that we have been getting our fats mixed up. There are “good fats” which is helpful in treatment and prevention of almost every disease known to man and there are “bad fats” which can cause, or contribute to, almost any disease process. The good fats are generally found in fish, nuts, and seeds and are typically not processed in any way. Bad fats come in most fried foods, margarines, meats and cheeses. Although some bad fat is okay, problems generally start when quantities get out of hand. Consuming too many bad fats leads to increased inflammation which contributes to joint pain (arthritis), heart disease, cancer and possibly hormonal imbalances (pms comes to mind here).

A good recommendation for most people is to eat more fish, flax oil and olive oil in the daily diet while decreasing fried foods, fatty meats and cheeses. Essential fatty acids are essential to the daily diet of anyone who wishes to improve health, sports performance, reduce cholesterol and lose weight.


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