A common misconception today is that fat is bad for you. Fats, like any other nutrient, are essential to life and optimal health. People do not generally associate fish oil with reduced arthritis pain, better concentration, decreased heart attack risk or better yet weight loss. Did you know that consumption of coconut oil has been found to improve thyroid function? Did you know that menstrual cramps can often be alleviated by a few months of primrose oil supplementation?

If fat has so many benefits why does fat get such a bad wrap? The reason is that we have been getting our fats mixed up. There are “good fats” which is helpful in treatment and prevention of almost every disease known to man and there are “bad fats” which can cause, or contribute to, almost any disease process. The good fats are generally found in fish, nuts, and seeds and are typically not processed in any way. Bad fats come in most fried foods, margarines, meats and cheeses. Although some bad fat is okay, problems generally start when quantities get out of hand. Consuming too many bad fats leads to increased inflammation which contributes to joint pain (arthritis), heart disease, cancer and possibly hormonal imbalances (pms comes to mind here).

A good recommendation for most people is to eat more fish, flax oil and olive oil in the daily diet while decreasing fried foods, fatty meats and cheeses. Essential fatty acids are essential to the daily diet of anyone who wishes to improve health, sports performance, reduce cholesterol and lose weight.