back pain Pain is a signal from the body that something is not right with our physiology. Treatments to mask or “numb” the pain are often detrimental to health and do little to speed recovery for most pain sufferers. The naturopathic approach has many integrative therapies that speed healing and serves to correct the underlying cause of pain.

Pain Neutralization Technique

A gentle use of local reflex points to turn off painful regions. This system is highly useful to improve muscle tension and significantly reduce pain without the use of any aggressive or invasive procedures. Patients often report a substantial decrease in overall body pain in a handful of treatments.


An injection technique using dextrose and local anaesthetic to repair damaged, strained or stretched ligaments and tendons. Injection of damaged tissues helps to restore stability of unstable joints, often an underlying issue behind osteoarthritis, and chronic joint pain.

Neural Therapy

It is well documented that pain is often mediated through the brain and often unrelated to the region where pain is felt. Painful regions may not be damaged at all but dysfunctional reflexes to the region cause local pain, tenderness and spasm. Injections of local anaesthetic into scars or trigger points help to restore normal nervous communication to tissues.


The use of acupuncture is an ancient practice to restore overall meridian balance to restore optimal flow of “qi” through the acupuncture meridians. Modern medicine is now beginning to document the benefits of acupuncture with regard to accelerating the recovery process while also providing a safe alternative to pain killers.