Summer time is almost upon us, and that means your lifestyle is about to change in certain ways due to the warmer weather and the increased amount of time you’re likely to spend outdoors. While you’re sure to have plenty of fun, it’s important to remember that these lifestyle changes come with their own safety concerns and health risks. Being aware of these and knowing what you can do to protect yourself and stay healthy this summer is your first step to enjoying this wonderful time of year! Here are some of the best tips to stay healthy this summer season.

Take your Exercise Routine Outside

We all know that exercise is good for us, so it only makes sense that it should be part of our daily routine during the warm summer months when the weather is ideal for enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Sure indoor gyms are a great choice for all of the other seasons, but for summer you should consider taking your exercise routine outside in the form of activities such as swimming, running, hiking, and outdoor sports. Doing this will ensure you keep your heart strong and healthy with the added benefit of feeling the sunshine on your shoulders.

Stay Hydrated

You are at risk of becoming dehydrated during summer more than any other time of the year. In hotter weather, we tend to sweat more, meaning our bodies lose water at a much faster rate. This can lead to severe dehydration, which can cause your body to shut down. Make sure to drink eight to nine glasses of water a day in order to keep yourself well-hydrated. If water starts to get old, feel free to change things up a bit with low calorie flavouring such as pieces of fruit, or go with a good alternative like coconut water.

Stay Protected from the Sun

You’ll want to make sure you protect yourself from harmful UV rays this summer by sticking to the shade when you feel too hot, wearing a hat, and using natural protective sunscreens with no excessive chemicals. Keeping an aloe plant in your home can prove useful since the soothing gel found in its leaves can treat sunburns.

Know your Smoothies

One of the most popular drinks during the summer months is the smoothie. These delicious drinks are often marketed as healthy choices, and while there is truth to that in many cases, some smoothies are packed with calories. Try to avoid smoothies that are more on the unhealthy side by going with nothing but fruit, juice, low-fat yoghurt, and ice as ingredients. Frozen yoghurt and ice cream are the ingredients you’ll want to steer clear of.

Get the True Nature Experience

Summer is the best time of the year to truly experience what nature has to offer. Nice summer breezes, green grass, leafy trees, sunny blue skies; all of these things can help you feel completely at peace with the world and can work wonders to melt away stress. Being outside in the summer can be like experiencing rejuvenating therapy for free. Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a healthy stress-free summer full of sunshine, fun, and happiness!