There are several botanicals and nutrients that are worth their weight in gold when it comes to maintaining your health. Most people can enjoy the benefits of these supplements daily to help prevent flus/colds, increase resistance to cancer and heart disease while improving overall resistance to stress. Some of these remedies are used to correct common deficiencies in the western diet that contribute to conditions such as osteoporosis, cancer and increased infections.

Multivitamin/Mineral With Added Super foods and Antioxidants

While there may be controversy as to the benefits of a multivitamin to treat disease, there is no question as to whether or not chronic deficiencies of any nutrient will cause various diseases. A good quality multivitamin ensures that there are no deficiencies in critical nutrients for optimal body performance. The one I recommend most often is Biofoundation G. The reason is because of its superior quality and addition of super nutrients such as Resveratrol, CoQ10, R Alpha Lipoic Acid and N Acetyl Cysteine. These nutrients improve blood sugar regulation, help heal nerve damage and improve the ability to the body to detoxify the various toxins that the body is exposed to daily. Biofoundation G should be considered the nutritional foundation for most supplement regimes due to the broad-spectrum activity it confers.


Curcumin is and extract of turmeric widely valued for its anti-inflammatory, immune enhancing, anti cancer, brain protective benefits. Hundreds of research studies are now validating that daily exposure to Curcumin brings vast anti aging benefits that are hard to replicate via any other means. Anyone wishing to reduce inflammation or almost any chronic disease should consider daily intake of curcumin. The major challenge with regular curcumin is notoriously poor absorption. Theracurmin solves this problem via a special deliver method allowing for better penetration of curcumin into the regions that the body needs most such as brain and joints to confer the best benefits.


The part of the cell called the mitochondria is responsible for supplying almost all the energy used by the body. Furthermore the number and health of these mitochondria play a critical role with regard to resistance to cancer, heart disease and maintaining optimal fat metabolism. Cerebrovital is a blend of CoQ10 and PQQ to improve the health of the mitochondria and also to increase the number of them in your cells as well! As we age the number of mitochondria in our cells decreases and is thought to be responsible for many of the deleterious effects of aging. Cerebrovital is compatible with Biofoundation G.

Bio Omega 3 

Bio Omega 3 is a clean high quality fish oil. Anyone who wishes to lose weight, decrease inflammation, heart disease or improve brain function should consider taking Omega 3s. The western diet tends to contain lots of poor quality fats and a deficiency of omega 3’s. A few capsules per day of Bio Omega 3 helps to correct this deficiency.

Mycelia Intrinsic Medicinal Mushroom Extract

Medicinal mushrooms are one of the most heavily researched natural remedies today. Considered by many to be a natural pharmacy they improve immune, cardiovascular and mental health dramatically. Regular intake has also been shown to increase overall stamina and resistance to most chronic diseases.

Solray D Spray 

Vitamin D is considered one of the most common deficiencies today. Increased risk of infection, cancer, depression, allergies and autoimmune disease is associated with vitamin D deficiency. Another important fact is the need to supplement vitamin D with the right form of vitamin K! Without vitamin K, vitamin D is unable to transport calcium to the right tissues in the body. Proper vitamin K and D supplementation is thought to aid bone density and also slow the generation of atherosclerosis.

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