People come in to my office with a variety of complaints.  Most of the time it is really due to too much stress and too little exercise.   Healthy people generally respond to treatment while sedentary individuals struggle to kick chronic aches and pains.  While I consider many of the techniques I use for treating pain to be state of the art there are limits to what can be achieved in an unhealthy patient.

There are several reasons for you to take control NOW and start exercising.  Exercise done properly corrects muscular imbalances that lead to poor biomechanics, a major underlying cause of why many chronic pains occur in the first place.   Management of blood sugar and metabolism is radically enhanced by activity.   I’ve found poor blood sugar metabolism to be behind many cases of allergies, anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems and arthritis.  While it is possible to be healthy without a regular exercise program I’ve found that it is a rare occurrence.

What kind of exercise?  There are many options but I suggest to you that some effort should be involved.  Yes there are studies showing that going for a brisk walk 3 times a week improves health outcomes but I consider that more of a testimonial for how badly out of shape most of us are.   Weight training, yoga or pilates with short bouts of cardiovascular exercise is ideal.

What exercises you choose should be based on your current fitness level and if possible, work with a personal trainer if you are new to an exercise program.