1) Healthy, organic, non-gmo food. Minimize sugar and junk food as much as possible.
2) Exercise should be done daily
3) Vit D3-supplement daily to improve immune function. Shown to reduce ear infections by 50%!
4) Fish oil-Good fats are universally deficient in children’s diets leading to increased allergy, anxiety and ADD/ADHD frequency.
5) Probiotics-Good bacteria is a must as good health starts in the digestive tract.
6) Immune tonics-echinacea, astragalus, and other herbal extracts strengthen immunity and improve adaptivity to stress. Use regularly as prevention and also during cold/flu.
7) Use homeopathics instead of medications whenever possible. Most often minor colds/flus can be managed without resorting to antibiotics and Tylenol/Advil. In fact, unnecessary suppression of fevers leads to increased allergy, asthma and autoimmune disease in children. Minimize use to severe cases or when fever is high for hours (104F) under physicians guidance. Fever should rarely be suppressed at 100F-102F.
8) Get regular nervous system treatments. This helps improve mind/body communication to decrease allergy tendency and improve overall health.