1.  Feed your Liver!

Contrary to popular belief a diet low in nutrients and protein makes it near impossible for your liver to deal with toxins in day to day life.

2.  Consider testing toxin load in  your body!

There are tests to measure environmental pollutant burden in the body.  These can give you a general idea of a how toxic you are.  For more info see here

3.  Eat Less Toxins! 

Whenever possible try to eat organic, and minimize chemical intake from food preservatives and flavorings.  It is also a good idea to minimize sugar consumption as well.

4.  Avoid food sensitivies! 

Most of the toxins your liver is exposed to everyday come from gut bacteria and yeast that produce byproducts from poor digestion.  When you eat food that you cannot digest or are allergic to you overburden your digestive capacity.  Undigested food is then metabolized by your gut microbes into toxic waste.  

5.  Optimize digestive function!

Regular use of Bitters, Betaine HCl and/or Enzyme supplements improve overall nutrient absorption and inhibit harmful bacterial and yeast populations in the gut.  This reduces the stress on your detoxification systems.

6.  Use Detoxifying Super Foods!

Foods such as Cracked cell Chlorella improve elimination of heavy metals such as mercury, lead and aluminum from the body.  Regular intake of Chlorella has been found to improve immune function and reduce toxic burden on the body. image




7.  Infrared Sauna!

Regular infrared sauna improves the elimination of toxic metals and other toxins through the skin.  Done regularly, infrared sauna is a healthy way to reduce toxic burden dramatically.






8.  Try Drainage Remedies! 

Drainage remedies are state of the art detoxification and rebalancing remedies.  The right remedies for you are chosen via testing your body for the right detoxification combination for you.   They gently allow for toxins to be eliminated from the body while at the same time improving the health of the weakened organ systems in your body. image Detoxification involves removing sources of toxicity from your body, giving your body what it needs to detoxify safely and from there stimulating a gentle process to better eliminate the toxic stress in your body. This should be done for at least 6 months of the year to combat the constant onslaught of toxin exposure from the environment today.  For an individually tailored detoxification process come in for testing.