If you have been experiencing pain, stress, or discomfort and you’re just not sure what is causing the problem, it may be a good idea to consider visiting a naturopathic clinic to undergo Autonomic Response Testing (ART)

What is Autonomic Response Testing?

Autonomic Response Testing is a biofeedback technique that is used to investigate the root causes of poor health. Oftentimes, pain, discomfort, and poor health conditions can be the result of certain factors putting stress on the body in one or more ways. ART is a sort of enhanced physical exam that primarily uses changes in muscle tone as indicators of stress. It does this by using a number of methods that place stress on the body, followed by assessing the body’s response to each stressor and then interpreting those responses.

What can ART Treat?

ART has been used to treat a number of health problems including allergies, chronic pain, diabetes, arthritis, anxiety, digestive problems, depression, chronic fatigue, hypoglycemia, menopause, and chronic infections.

What are the Steps?

Step 1: the procedure begins with the body being stressed using a number of different methods. Applied neuro-psychology is utilized to stress the body psychologically, and electromagnetic stress is also used. Structural stress is administered by squeezing particular organs or glands, placing stress on one or more joints, or pressing on a teacher area of the body. The patient is also stressed biochemically through the administration of medication orally, through an I.V., or via another route.

Step 2: after each stressor is effectively applied to the body, the test administrator will assess the reaction of the patient by one of a number of different means. These include muscle tests, an arm length test, applied kinesiology, HRV (heart rate variability), Kirlian photography, electro acupuncture, and a bi-digital O-ring test.

Step 3: after assessing the body’s reaction to each stressor, those reactions must now be interpreted. Those who practice Autonomic Response Testing generally all use the same guidelines when conducting this step. If a mild stressor is applied and there is a reaction, then it is safe to say the body is already under severe stress. If a severe stressor causes a reaction, with neither a mild or moderate stressor causing one before it, then the body is only under very mild stress. Lastly, moderate stressors causing reactions is indicative of the body being under moderate stress.

Step 4: this step involves using therapeutic modalities in attempt to ease or neutralize the stress. Any therapeutic modality that is found to help relieve the stress is immediately classified as an effective method in helping the body to cope with the stress that’s been discovered. If the item is non-allergenic and helpful in relieving the stress, it can be used as a treatment.

Autonomic Response Testing is a safe, reliable, and minimally invasive method of getting to the bottom of why you feel the way you do. If you’d like a safe, natural way to start leading a healthier and happier life, visit Rejuv-Innate Naturopathic Clinic today!