Today’s world is much different that 100yrs ago. Industrial waste, medications, and pollution have all poisoned our water, food, air and soil. Everything we eat contains pesticides, medication residues and heavy metals. Since we don’t live in a “bubble” we are exposed to these toxins every day. Research has confirmed the carcinogenicity of many if not most of these chemicals so what are you doing about it? If you want to be well and prevent disease this needs to be priority in your life.

Dealing with toxicity is an approach that involves a few steps

1) Decrease exposure– as much as realistically possible-use natural alternatives for cleaners, cosmetics, soaps and toothpaste. Minimize drug use to only when absolutely necessary and at minimum effective dosage.
2) Diet-Eat less chemicals, avoid food intolerances/allergies, reduce sugar, avoid non organic and GMO foods.
3) Supplementation-The body metabolizes toxins using a variety of nutrients. Deficiency of amino acids, minerals or antioxidants can slow/imbalance the way the body detoxifies.
4) Drainage remedies– A variety of homeopathic remedies can be used to stimulate detoxification from various parts of the body. This really is an ongoing process as we are constantly being exposed.
5) Chelation– Some individuals have a high heavy metal burden that essentially shuts down the body’s ability to efficiently detox. In these cases a benefit can be derived from judicious use of chelation therapies.
6) Improve your digestion– many chemicals that your body is exposed to actually come from imbalanced gut bacteria producing chemicals. As your digestion improves the chemical exposure from the gut bacteria improves.