If you have been feeling stressed, depressed, or simply not yourself lately, you may be wondering if there is a way to feel better. It can be very difficult when we fall into a slump of negative feelings to find a way out and start feeling happy and positive again. Unfortunately, we often resort to external stimuli to help us feel better, which can certainly feel like it’s helping, but leaves your body and mind vulnerable to slipping right back into a negative state. Relax, because there is a way to start healing your mind and body while getting back in touch with your inner self. Meditation is an ancient technique that is still practiced all over the world today and when done can have all sorts of positive effects. Here are some of the best meditations you can start practicing today.

Dr. Wright’s Cleaning Out Technique

This meditation technique is characterized by specific combinations of rhythmic breathing, and is used to spiritually cleanse the body, section by section. The creator of this technique, Dr. Wright, developed it after returning from Burma, where he was a cultural attaché.   Dr. Wright created an entirely separate discipline with his Cleaning out Technique, and today it is practiced as a great way to start your path to feeling better through the power of meditation.

Conscious Mind Cleansing

By listening to the Conscious Mind Cleansing CD, you can empty your mind of stress and anxiety. The CD uses powerful, computer-generated tones that are designed to penetrate into the deep nervous system’s pathways and neurons. By listening to the CD at least once a week using headphones, you will achieve the best results possible, and it is recommended that you immediately relax after doing so. If you’ve been feeling very stressed or anxious, this method could be just what you need.

Sanskrit Healing Mantras

The word “mantra” means “mind transport”, and this is exactly what will happen when you practice Sanskrit healing mantras. Mantra reciting can be done in groups or alone and involves saying a specific mantra over and over again either aloud or in your head. Reciting mantras helps your mind to centre on the simplistic approach to life and to supress any distractions and thoughts that may happen to arise.

Emotional Freedom Technique

This acupressure technique is used to optimize emotional health, which is often overlooked. Emotional health is essential if your entire body is going to be functioning properly. The emotional freedom technique involves tapping yourself on strategic parts of your body that serve as kinetic energy spots in order to increase the flow of positive energy throughout your entire body. Tapping is often accompanied by a number of different positive affirmations that are spoken aloud. This method is great for removing negative emotions, reducing food cravings, reducing and eliminating pain, and implementing positive goals.

By practicing these mediation techniques, you are sure to start feeling better physically, mentally, and spiritually in no time at all!