Neuro Modulation Technique (NMT)

NMT uses a clinically friendly method of “Muscle Response Testing” (MRT) to communicate with the “Autonomic Control System “(ACS). NMT treatment is safe, gentle, and effective. In performing this painless treatment the practitioner and patient usually face one another with the patient seated on a backless swivel chair. How Does NMT Resolve Pain In The Body? Some diseases result from errors in the sensitivity setting of sensors that tell the nervous system what is happening in the body, and in the processing of information from these sensors. Imagine what happens if a pain, or a stretch sensor in a foot, shoulder, or the spine is set to trigger too easily. What if that message is unnecessarily amplified in the central nervous system? This can produce a condition of chronic pain and stiffness that NMT rapidly corrects by optimally resetting the nervous system. Conditions that have not responded to drugs, exercise, or physical therapy usually respond well to NMT. Even the most difficult of such conditions typically show marked improvement within six to twelve visits. Patients are often startled by how rapidly and completely their pain diminishes – often before they leave the treatment chair. NMT also recognizes the harmful effects on our health when our “bio-computer” makes errors in data processing that involve the emotional and psychological aspects of the nervous system. NMT has developed the concept of “Pernicious Synaptic Patterning” (PSPs). These are erroneous recording of patterns of data in the nervous system that compromise our brain’s information processing system. NMT very rapidly identifies these patterns, and gives the ANS the instructions it needs to eliminate the PSPs. Many conditions involve PSPs, and their correction with NMT is essential to a complete recovery.