Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy has been widely used in Europe and South America since the1940’s, but was only recently introduced into North America. Originating in Germany it has been effective in treating a variety of health conditions, especially that of chronic pain. Initially, neural therapy involved the injection of anesthetics into nerve sites, acupuncture points, scars and other tissues to relieve pain elsewhere in the body. Similar non-injection techniques, which include electrical current, laser and other light devices are now used.

Treatments frequently involve locating painful reflex regions through palpation and/or muscle testing to determine regions of stress. Injection frequently involves local anaesthetics, vitamins and/or appropriate homeopathic remedies to alleviate irritated regions and restore normal electrical charge to the tissue. Although generally used for chronic pain, neural therapy frequently improves detoxification and overall nervous system regulation of all tissues. After injection the stressful reflex points (foci) are no longer able to distract your body from self regulation at least temporarily. Often a region will be injected several times over the course of weeks to months to fully resolve the energetic blockage in the region.