Do you have a chronic disease?

Are you sensitive to chemical cleaners, perfumes and medications when others seem unaffected?

If so, then it is likely that you have impaired detoxification capacity and are suffering from toxicity. Today’s environment is full of pesticides, plastics, heavy metals, household cleaners, chemicals and drugs. Since we live in this environment, it would stand to reason that many of these chemicals end up in our system; contributing to, if not causing most chronic ailments. Toxins affect the body in many undesirable ways by interfering with normal nutrient utilization and hormone function while also damaging the capacity to detoxify substances that normally would be easy to eliminate.

How do we know if we are detoxifying effectively?

There are lab tests available that can tell you how well your liver is Sage Herb Therapymetabolizing toxins along with tests which identify if there are elevated levels of toxic metals such as lead, mercury and aluminum.

Assessment of free radical stress can also be very helpful to assess ongoing oxidation in the body, often associated with unbalanced metabolism, toxicity and antioxidant deficiencies.

Why are some of us more toxic than others?

Well, genetics and lifestyle contribute to this problem. Some people are born with variations in their detoxification systems that allow them to more rapidly eliminate toxins than others. When it comes to emotional involvement I find discussions by Dr Deitrich Klinghardt MD PhD quite interesting about emotional stress and its contribution to impaired detoxification (

What can we do about this?

Change our lifestyle to ensure we are getting the most of our genetic potential. Any nutrient deficiency will contribute to this so it is important to eat a well balanced diet with the appropriate supplements. We also should consider limiting our exposure to toxins whenever possible by using environmentally friendly cleaning agents, cosmetics and personal hygiene products. (See Sat Dharam Kaur’s books on Women’s Health for easy to use products).