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Tennis Elbow

Summer is here and we all start getting back into hobbies that we haven’t done in a while. Tennis and Golf commonly lead to elbow pain due to unaccustomed strain on the elbow joint. Common complaints involve pain with moving the elbow or picking things up.

Treatment of tendinitis (actually tendinosis) involves the use of heat, ice and inflammation management. Although sometimes effective, I’ve found that prolotherapy is a much more effective option to yield long lasting results. Prolotherapy is an injection of Dextrose, procaine and/or homeopathics into the tendon attachment to speed healing. A course of 6-10 treatments is usually recommended for stubborn or chronic cases but relatively new cases most often improve after a few treatments. Patients have also found that the addition of techniques such as Trigenics or Pain Neutralization greatly improve overall success of treatment.

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Are You In Pain From Past Injuries?

Pain from past injuries is most often caused by nervous system stress sustained from the injury.  These reflexes sustain spasm, pain, impaired circulation and also changes in overall mobility.  Treatments geared towards improving nervous system communication to your knees, elbows, shoulders, neck, back and ankles can yield seemingly miraculous results.

The longer you wait to treat your injuries the more likely you will experience degeneration into a much more serious problem.  Treat a little now…. or a lot later…

Why suffer any longer?

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