The epidemic of diabetes is becoming one of the fastest growing causes of death in western society.  Sadly, this is often a lifestyle disease that can be improved and even cured with a healthy lifestyle diet and nutritional supplements.  There are many aggravating factors such as oxidative stress, infectious agents, foods allergies and stress that will make a bad situation worse but when it comes down to it you have no choice but to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  Diabetes can be a frustrating disease to treat by doctors because of the fact that it is largely self induced and while medications may slow down the inevitable complications they will not prevent them as long as the patient is intent on suicide via  processed food.  When I refer to diabetes as a lifestyle disease, I am referring to Type II diabetes, not Type I which is an autoimmune disease better treated through immune regulation therapies.

Those of you that do not wish to change your lifestyle would better spend your time doing something else than reading this article because this will require will power that many of us do not have.

Those of you that are determined to take control of your health and are not satisfied with being a diabetic, will be pleasantly surprised with the changes in your HgA1c at the en of six months of a proper diet and supplementation.  Please be advised that if you are taking medication you should have supervision of a qualified health care practitioner in order to monitor your progress.  It is also very possible that your medication dosing will have to be reduced as your blood sugar start to come down.

The first most important step for treatment is to follow the diet below religiously.  This diet emphasizes whole foods while decreasing intake of refined sugars and starches such as breads, sweets and baked goods.  Foods that you are allergic or sensitive to will also throw your blood sugar level off so it is important to avoid these.  Those of you that are not exercising regular need to start with a walking program and if possible move to more intense forms of exercise (once again with your doctor’s supervision).  Exercise should be done at least 4x/wk for about an hour.

Supplements that are very helpful in management of blood sugar include alpha lipoic acid, magnesium, chromium, grapeseed extract, bitter melon, garlic, cinnamon, blueberry leaf and d-pinitol all have the ability to reduce blood sugar well when combined with diet and exercise.  I prefer to use agents that tackle diabetes through not only reducing blood sugar but also by helping the body manage free radical stress.  Therefore grapeseed extract and alpha lipoic acid are indispensible when treating diabetes.  Magnesium intake should be in the order of 300-500mg/day from the citrate or chelate form and chromium should be about 300-500mcg/day.  I usually recommend most of my patient take a high quality multivitamin with fish oil and Life Extension’s Berry Complete.  Bitter melon is also a very useful product on the market, I usually recommend  enzymatic therapy for this product at a dose of 3 capsules daily.
Other helpful treatments for diabetes include detoxification autonomic regulation therapies.

Through work with NMT,  acupuncture and detoxification we are able to improve your body’s ability to regulate itself.  Toxins can interfere with optimal hormone function so it is best to work at improving overall hormone sensitivity by eliminating any chemical agents that may interfere with hormone function.  NMT and acupuncture work to improve autonomic nervous system function helping to better regulate circulation, stress and the general “informational state” of the biocomputer.  The body can be compared to a computer when there are informational errors they can serve to impair optimal wellness leading to development of a variety of chronic health complaints.  When combined with the previous recommendations we can often dramatically improve your overall wellness.


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