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The solution to back pain often depends on what the root of the problem is.  If you have back pain due to a severely herniated disc chances are, surgery is necessary for a complete recovery. Unfortunately, this is only part of the story.   Surgery may correct an underlying defect in the disc, but it usually does not address why the disc herniated in the first place.

The most overlooked cause of back pain is ligament laxity. Ligaments are tissues that “brace” bone to bone throughout the body allowing for stabilization of every joint in your body. When ligaments are injured they are often stretched slightly which leads to compromised ability to stabilize your joints. This is often why an “old” injury from many years ago keeps coming back to haunt you whenever you exert yourself. The best therapy to restore joint stability of lax ligaments is PROLOTHERAPY, which involves injections of sugar and anesthetic in to ligaments to stimulant healing. After a series of 4-10 treatments stability is greatly improved therefore decreasing stress to the joints and disc.

To determine if you are a candidate for prolotherapy you must first be assessed by an appropriately trained Naturopathic physician or Medical doctor.  From there it is determined whether or not you are likely to respond to treatment.

For more information visit my page on prolotherapy. I have also placed a video on this page to provide you further information on this type of treatment option.

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