Auto Immune & Chronic Disease

Autoimmune disease can be considered the modern plague of western society. It comes in a variety of forms affecting almost every system of the body recognized by such names as Lupus, Arthritis, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Psoriasis, MS, Nephritis (some forms), Polychondritis, and some can argue AllergiesFibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome are also Autoimmune disorders.

Conventional treatment usually is directed towards symptom management and also improving mortality by decreasing acute flare ups which sometimes can be devastating to a patient’s health. While useful and sometimes necessary to improve outcomes,  conventional treatment alone has a poor success rate at fully resolving these clinical syndromes. An integrated approach with conventional treatment has a better hope of long term success with possible remission of the condition.

The holistic approach focuses on much more than biochemistry but encompasses the whole person by considering structural misalignment, proper nutrition, detoxification, informational reorganization (see NMT) and appropriate stress reduction practices. Most people can understand that symptoms may have only recently manifested but usually the underlying cause of the condition may have been playing for many years before the patient becomes aware. Therefore treatment must be viewed as a process towards reintegration and rebuilding of vitality,  not as a quick fix.

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