Whenever people talk about allergies no one ever talks about why they are there. The general consensus seems to be that you are born with them and that there is no real cause. However, there are reasons why allergies exist and they aren’t necessarily the luck of the draw.

People in western societies tend to be exposed to the most chemicals and pollutants, leading to accumulation of various toxic agents in the body.

Allergies are a response from an imbalanced immune system that has been taught to produce antibodies to things causing an immune reaction to normally harmless agents.

Common allergies are pollen, dust, environmental, food, chemicals, and animal dander.

As far as treating for a long term resolution of allergies, it is important to ensure the digestive system is functioning optimally with concurrent restriction of any foods to which you are allergic or sensitive to while also working to ensure adequate detoxification function.

Treatment strategy could include:

  • improve overall digestive function;
  • encourage detoxification of general body burden of toxins;
  • correct energetic and nervous system “errors” leading to allergy development;
  • reduce Stress by meditation;
  • yoga;
  • breathing techniques;
  • counseling and/or EFT (emotional freedom technique)


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