“I went for 4 years with intense pain, aching, numbness, and intense “pins and needles” in both of my arms and hands. Most days my hands were clenched tight into involuntary fists which took me hrs sometimes to relax into a natural position. This affected everything from my work to washing my hair in the shower. The nature of my work is physical and I was told by plenty of physicians that I needed surgery or would have to take prescription painkillers. I went to RMT’s and chiropractors and doctors with little to no change in condition. The pain would keep me awake or wake me up in the night. I was referred by an RMT to Dr. Gallant. He suggested I try prolotherapy. I was hesitant but out of options so I gave it a try. I was hopeful but had it stuck in my mind that nothing short of surgery would help. My fear of needles didn’t help either. In 3 short treatments, I went from being in pain 99% of the time to being in pain only 1% of the time. I have full use of my hands and almost forget I ever had a condition. I went for my 4th treatment yesterday. I have since recommended Prolotherapy to a couple of friends and after trying it they too have seen great improvements with their conditions. Dr. Gallant has not only alleviated my pain and other symptoms through prolotherapy, but also my fear of needles. He is very understanding. I narrowly avoided being sliced and diced unnecessarily with a surgery that most likely wouldn’t have helped, given it wouldn’t have addressed the actual source of the problem. I am very grateful for alternative treatments. All I can say is do your research and keep an open mind. It changed my life.”

Sara C.

“As a result of a vehicle accident many years ago, I started experiencing severe pain in both of my knees, making it difficult to walk upstairs and downstairs. Driving more than an hour would cause one of my knees to ache unbearably. I found that I was unable to stand for long periods of time and at times I had difficulty sleeping due to pain. After many visits to my GP, I received a diagnosis of severe arthritis and the recommendation for a knee replacement.
I was very upset and fearful of a surgery. I had researched knee replacement options and found that there was no guarantee that this would eliminate my pain, nor give me back my quality of life, not to mention the recovery time required. Given the circumstances, I decided to seek an alternative treatment to surgery.
I contacted Dr. Gallant, ND. He informed me that he had a lot of success in treating conditions such as mine using a therapy called prolotherapy. He recommended a series of prolotherapy injections, which at first I was little apprehensive about, but once I started seeing the results, I was convinced I had done the right thing. Today, my knees are pain free and they feel stronger than before.
Given my experience, I would recommend investigating a Naturopathic approach with Dr. Gallant before doing surgery. He may be able to alleviate much of your pain, especially if the pain is due to sports injuries, arthritis in any of your joints, knees, shoulders, back etc.
Thanks, Dr. Gallant”

James X

“In November 2009, I developed a severe and more rare of eczema called pompholyx. It shows up as small but deep pustules under the skin of the hands and feet. These blisters are maddeningly itchy, and made my hands and feet feel like they were on fire!
It took until September 2010 to get a proper diagnosis of my condition, and in the meantime, I was given a practical buffet of steroid-based drugs, which did everything from making the condition better for about a week, only to have it return with renewed vigour, to almost instantly making my hands break out twice as bad as they already were.
I started seeing Dr. Gallant in October of 2010. By that time, the pompholyx had gotten so bad on my hands that I could no longer work, seeing as I could hardly pick anything up.
Dr. Gallant was wonderful! He was full of encouragement (which I needed at that point!) and he had no doubts that he could help me. He was right! With a slightly revised diet, natural remedies and supplements, and the wonderful NMT therapy, I saw the pompholyx stop spreading after 2 visits. After a month, there was only about half the area affected. And by Christmas, it was almost completely gone.
I’ve been going for a total of 4 months now, and I’m better and off to work again!
Thank you Dr. Gallant!!”

“I am a sixty-year-old male who has suffered from upper back pain due to an auto accident, plus my occupation of 30 years a goldsmith, which puts my upper back in much tension.
After years of money spent on chiropractic and massage treatments with some help, cortisone shots and acupuncture, I was introduced to neural and prolotherapy practiced by Dr. Jamie Gallant. I have received 3 sessions of treatment and I am now more than 90% pain free. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to have a new lease on a pain free life.”

Stephen S.

“Thank you for helping me to continue to pursue the active lifestyle I so very much enjoy.
Its been over 6 years since I was referred to you for my shoulder rotators. I was very active in competitive martial arts and was very depressed having to stop. After 8 months of pain, lack of sleep and not being able to help my wife properly with our young kids (even putting my seat belt on was difficult), I was referred to you by a friend. You gave me hope, explained everything so well and recommended Prolo Therapy, to help repair the damage to my shoulders. I was amazed that after only a few sessions the pain was gone, and 6 months later I was back competing again better than ever!
I am 45 years old now and have moved on to the sport of Triathlon for my second season. I swim 5-6 km a week, feel great and have had no issues since your treatment.
Can’t thank you enough!”

Shawn W

“I had a car accident 20 years ago – whiplash, my back and piriformis on both sides were very tight. I was off work for 3 months. I also had an accident in October 2010 and again was very sore, so I went to see Dr. Jamie Gallant.
I went to chiropractors, I do not like the crunch in my neck, physiotherapy, massage therapy who helped, but always had to go back for more.
My neck still bothers me but not so much as before, and my neck and piriformis are tolerable now because of Dr. Gallant. I would recommend him to anyone. He has helped me so much without having my neck crunched – very gentle.
I am ok now and can walk better. I now walk a lot with my dog. Also, I go to yoga twice a week, which is great.
Thank you, Dr. Gallant!!”

A. Webster