New Patient Information



As a Naturopathic Physician I am always looking for alternatives to help you with your health concerns. I’m completely dedicated to your pursuit of optimal wellness and health. Remember, healing is a process which requires a variety of tools to aid your recovery from a chronic health condition. Remember, you are the most important member of your healthcare team! I suggest new patients take some time to review the information on my website and other health resources. If you are in search of optimal health and wellness and want to take a proactive step in achieving your goals, I look forward to the opportunity to meet and help you along the path to a healthy lifestyle!

Before the first visit

Please download and complete the attached new will become part of your confidential patient record. Please bring this form with you to your first visit.

What happens during the first visit? (New Patient Information)

A case history is done to get an overall picture of your health and to underlying causes that may be contributing to your concerns. During the consult sometimes physical exams and energetic testing is performed to gain further clues pointing to possible causes. The first visit will help educate and clarify the patient about the various techniques and approaches to improving your health. It is important to get clarity about the right fit in regards to a treatment plan.

Will I see results immediately?

The response to treatment varies from patient to patient because no two people are the same. Treatments offered such as dietary improvements, detoxification, exercise, stress management almost universally improve health of a patient but may not always resolve the present symptoms. To address the true cause of a condition it often requires intervention on nutritional, structural, emotional and some would agree spiritual levels. Healing of any chronic concern often takes time. Addressing a lifelong exposure to toxins, emotional stresses and degeneration simply cannot be addressed in a couple of months. The typical recommendation for treatment is one month of treatment per year of having the condition. The primary job of your Naturopathic Physician is to improve your wellness and to help prevent further degeneration and disease, not mask a symptom.